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MIDGE, Black and white smooth coated border collie

DUBH as a companion/pet

Dubh (prounounced DOO) is a very sweet natured, Very loving girl, who just loves life and people and above all WORKING sheep

In and around the house she is absolutely no trouble, her favourite position is lying on her back flat out with her legs tucked fast asleep.

Move to the door and she is instantly awake and ready for action.


Dubh has an excellent "Off Switch"


She is house trained but is currently living in the kennels, her preference is certainly to sleep on someone's bed.

DUBH as a working dog

Dubh is fully trained and has done some flock work with small flocks, though she is quite capable of working big numbers. Her outruns are good.

She is fast and fearless, is a good listner and eager to please.

She has not yet been taught to shed or look back, she loves to drive.

She has a great stop and recall.

A sensible dog, will work for anyone but can be pushy and a bit strong on sheep, if she thinks she can get away with it.


Dubh will suit a lady or gent handler, who wants to learn more about working with sheep and sheepdogs.

Dubh would also be happy being a working pet on a small holding or even have her training finished whilst helping out on a bigger flock.

A super family companion dog to boot.



I reaaly don't want to let this girl go but I do have a full brother and sister aged 12 months who are needing my time and energy and I feel that Dubh will benefit and deserves a one to one home for the rest of her life, she is still young and has the potential to still compete in novice trials for the right person.

If I was not moving to a much smaller property, where I am limited to the number of dogs I can keep, this girl would not be leaving me as she has been a great asset to my clinics and has produced two excellent litters of pups.

I would like very much to hear from people who are willing to give her a working family pet home whilst allowing me to retain breeding rights to enable one last litter from her. I am willing to discuss all the possiblities with suitable people.


click here to see her first litter

click here to see her second litter

click here to see her third litter


Full detials of age and health tests at the bottom of the page


Click here for DUBH's PEDIGREE


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Series of video's showing Dubh in Training.


In 2014 I sent Dubh away for training whilst I was ill and unable to train dogs myself, this was her, after a few weeks away.



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The next couple of video's are during this spring and summer 2015 being trained by a young man down in the south of England, also because I was still unable to do the training myself due to major leg operation.



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Click here iif you are unable to see the video shown above.




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