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Scoll down to see photo's below or click on the left hand menus for details of the following dogs and their level of training.


A Border Collie is just that -a breed of dog - It does not become a SHEEPDOG until it is trained to work stock proficiently.

"Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won't buy the wag of his tail."
--Josh Billings

A Sheepdog when trained to any standard may or may not work in a proficient way for its new handler, there can never be any guarantees on compatibility due to the diversity of human and canine temperaments, but we will always help to show you how to get the best from your new dog.

A trained sheepdog needs to understand, trust and respect any new handler before working proficiently for them.

If there is a problem, it will almost always be coming from the handler and not the dog.


12th July 2018

We are currently training several young dogs and they will be shown here shortly

when we are ready to sell theim, however, they could be available to special homes at any time.,

please contact us if you are interested in more information about them.



the bearded collie







Please read below:

"I don't have time to train the dog"


A sheepdog of any level of training requires individual time spent with it, if only to MAINTAIN its current level of training. TIME must also be spend to build a relationship of trust and teamwork.


"I gather my sheep with a Quad Bike (ATV) or vehicle"


Hey! that's great! works a treat going down the road where the sheep can't split up.

But! do you feed your sheep from the Quad/vehicle?  Yes?

Ever looked at it from the Sheeps point of view?

This scenario can cause such confusion and stress in your sheep that it may well be costing you Money in lost income from your lambs.

"A trained dog is too expensive"


An untrained or badly trained dog will cost you far more money in wasted time, STRESSED sheep, which will loose, condition, milk and lambs.


Time is money these days, and wether it is your time or the sheepdog trainers time which is spent on the dog. 


In the end you get what you pay for.


"I don't have the work for a trained dog"


If selected carefully, an experienced fully trained dog, that has been well schooled, will not  require the same amount of work as a dog, with lessor training. 


A dog is not a tractor or piece of machinery that can be ignored when not needed. 


You will get far better results by having the dog with you as much as possible and actually creating work for your dog by putting him , in a quiet and controlled mannor, around the stock every day whilst checking or feeding the stock.


Not only are you then keeping the dog fit and responsive but you are also ensuring your flocks are used to regular but calm activity from your dog, thereby reducing their stress levels on the days you will actually move them or work them through the handling pens.


"I gather my sheep with a feed bag"


Well that's great!

Often works a treat when there is NO GRAZING.

What do you do the rest of the time?  The Family? The Neighbours?  Lots of stress?


Why not keep a Border Collie as a family pet /farmers companion and it will always be willing to help you out in time s of stress. 


Mind you ! you had better train it or your sheep won't be very happy  creatures.



When you purchase a Sheepdog you get very much what you see, and the sheep will usually be trained /tame/dogged or at the least well used to being worked by dogs and also by an experienced handler/trainer.


Beware - on normal big flocks or un-dogged flocks the dog may well become a terrorist. There are never any guarantees that a dog will behave any better or worse for its next handler.


There can never be any guarantee that the dog will perform in the same way for you.

If this happens seek help, don't condemn the dog.  Click here to go to our Training pages.