ISDS: 00- 00-322832

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BUTE as a companion/pet


Bute is a girl with an extrordinary sweet loving nature, very biddable

Bute, is very quick to learn and eager to please.

Her first litter to Astra Guy have made great herding and agility dogs

as well as good active family pets. She has recently weaned a second litter for us.

It is with deep regret that we

must now find a suitable home for Bute due to down sizing during our move to new premisis

Black and white rough coated.

Bute is house trained and travels well in the car, great with medium sized children.


DNA "Normal" for CEA

DNA "Normal" for TNS

DNA "Normalr" for IGS

Hip Score: 5:7


Date of Birth: 8th of June 2012

Bute as a working dog

As a herding dog, Bute is a natural but she has not completed any formal training to extend her ability, She is keen to work for anybody.

She has no grip to speak of, and will work with the quad bike, though riding on it still needs work.

Bute will suit someone needing a dog to do casual work or even full time work, but someone who uses force and shouting will not be accepted by Bute.

She likes a sensitive but firm quiet handler who will also be her friend.


instead of selling Bute outright we could seriously consider letting Bute go to a new home on a breeding contract as money is not important but the continuation of what she produces would be more so, she certainly loves puppies and her first litter have made super easy to train flock dogs, and we now are looking forward to the results of her second litter.

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Series of video's showing Bute being trained and doing odd jobs this is a video playlist of about 5 video's let it just keep going.

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