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NALA, Black and white medium coated border collie

NALA as a companion/pet

NALA is very sweet natured but always on the go,

She came back to me in December last year, as she was finding it very stressful living in a house with 7 people

and she found that her border collie instincts could not keep those humans under control.

She lost the hair around her eyes in stress, and learnt to guard her crate and toys.

She is a very clever girl who needs a person who will be her guide to keep her mind active but to take away the responsibilityso that she can relax and not have to try to second guess the household and try to control what is going on by having to make her own decisions every day.

She needs an experienced firm person who uses a balanced approach to dog training with primarily positive methods coupled with sensible rules and guidelines.


This dog will suit Agility, Obedience, or herding she might well do all three and that would help her become a more stable and relaxed pet.

She loves to play ball,

Walks on the lead just fine and has a good recall and basic obedience, see video below.

She does however have a few issues

She does not like the lead being put on and will cringe down finally going onto her back and putting paws up around her head in an

attempt not the have her lead put on,

of resource guarding (food mainly), both these problems have improved greatly over the last 4 weeks with management and firm handling .


Nala has NO "Off Switch"


She is house trained.


She is currently in Aberdeen with the owner of her mother, so convenient for someone in the North East of Scotland, but we can deliver also the weekend of the 16th January to Lancashire area..

NALA as a working sheepdog

Nala has been to sheep once and is a natural.

She is very natural, no nastiness in her when around the sheep.

As a Sheepdog she should be highly and easily trainable, though intense and with a high drive on Sheep,

This dog does not need a hard hand but understanding and patience to gain her trust and respect.



If I was not myself moving to a much smaller property, where I am limited to the number of dogs I can keep, this girl would be coming back to me, to be trained as a sheepdog.

I would like very much to hear from people who are willing to give her a working or very active family pet home with NO CHILDREN as her excitability and possessiveness increase in the presence of children


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Video's showing NALA's first ever experience on sheep.
Playing Ball and doing a bit of basic obedience.

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video's showing NALA's Playing ball
Playing Ball and doing a bit of basic obedience.

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