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Kane, Black and white smooth coated border collie

SPOT as a companion/pet

SPOT is good natured, wanting to please, he is calm and respectful. Always your shadow.

He is used to living indoors in a crate in the hall. He injured himself at the beginning of December breaking a claw which has been slow to heal.

He will re-commence training in the NEw Year.

SPOT as a working dog

A stylish dog, with good pace and feel for his sheep. He has been easy to start on sheep, wants to keep them all together,

he is not afraid to go into the corners to get his sheep.

He is learning his direction commands.

A sensible dog , he works for anyone.


He will suit the majority of handlers.

Spot should make a good hill dog or even a trials dog in the right hands.

A dog to enjoy working with and one to watch as I belive he will go far.


We purchased SPOTwhen he was just five months old.

We like very much what we have and would not be selling but we are moving home and need to cut back on dogs.

Craig (the sire of Spot) is a younger brother to Jame's McGee's BECCA.



Click here for SPOT's PEDIGREE


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Series of video's showing SPOT being trained

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We have other video's which; unfortunately, due to our very slow internet connection, take too long to upload but it you are interested you may call us using SKYPE = "Astrasheepdogs" and we can share our computer screen with you and you will be able to view all the videos FREE of CHARGE as is free to call.


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