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JURA, Tricolour smooth coated border collie

JURA as a companion/pet

JURA is out of my dear Astra Bute a daughter of Bobby Hendersons Sweep and my foundation bitch Eryri Nan

Jura is a very sweet natured, Very loving girl, who just loves to play ball,

but she is not so crazy for the rough an tumble games of tug, being very ladylike.

She is besotted with a ball, and needs to be watched with young children as she tries to get them to play ball with her, she can get a bit carried away.

Check out a video secretly captured (Jura is camera shy) of her entertaining herself with a ball.


Jura has an excellent "Off Switch"


She is house trained but is currently living in the kennels.

She is looking for a home as her current foster person is having relationship problems and has had to move back to her parents and no longer lives on the farm. She does not really wnat to let Jura go but she has no other options available.

She is in Devon so convenient for someone in the south.

JURA as a working dog

Jura has never been formally trained having been used to teach our working students and clinic students how to start a sheepdog on sheep.

She is very natural, no nastiness in her.

As a Sheepdog she is highly trainable, though intense and with high drive on Sheep,

She is a good listner and eager to please.

She has a great stop and recall.

A sensible dog , will work for anyone.


Jura will suit a lady or gent handler, who wants to learn more about working with sheep and sheepdogs.

Jura would be happy being a working pet on a small holding or even have her training finished whilst helping out on a bigger flock.

A super family companion dog to boot.


If I was not myself moving to a much smaller property, where I am limited to the number of dogs I can keep, this girl would be coming back to me, as she has been a great asset to my clinics and has produced two excellent litters of pups.

I would like very much to hear from people who are willing to give her a working or active family pet home whilst allowing me to retain breeding rights. I am willing to discuss all the possiblities with suitable people.


Click here for JURA's PEDIGREE


Click here iif you are unable to see the photo slide show above.


Series of video's showing JURA's first ever experience outside the tiny training field showing just how natural, calm and easy she can be on sheep.

Click here iif you are unable to see the video shown above.


We have other video's which; unfortunately, due to our very slow internet connection, take too long to upload.

IF you are interested you may call us using SKYPE = "Astrasheepdogs" so we can share our computer screen with you.

Yyou will be able to view all the videos FREE of CHARGE as is free to call.


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