Testamonials - Started, Part Trained and Trained Dogs

We love to hear from our clients both Canine and Human. Please send us an email with the subject heading "testamonial".

Coming soon!

Soon we shall be able to offer our clients the facility to upload, photo's video and comments about their dogs.

Please get together all your info so you are ready when we are. We look forward to your input.

  • From: Candace Metzger
    Sent: 22 August 2009 22:27
    To: Janet Beale
    Subject: Toddy Lambe

    Hi Janet :o), just wanted to pop you a note to let you know Sally is doing wonderfully and I have learned sooooooo much from that little dog :o). Thanks again for the opportunity to own her!!

    I have a friend who was wondering about Toddy Lambe's dog Craig, she was wondering if you know anything of him - any contact numbers, websites etc.... or if you know if there is any seaman available on him??

    Thanks in advance for your time,

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