WORKING PUPILS/Students and Work Placement Oportunities

We believe that; to learn as you work, is the most cost effective tuition available.

Most students never get the practical experience to the theory they learn at college and university, which is essential in all walks of life.

A piece of paper never can prove your ability, but a days work most definietly will.

I love my Job           Yes,  I do.

I love teaching, enthusiastic people the secrets of Sheepdog Training and Handling.

Working Students and Work Placement Opportunities.

We have been helping young handlers and dog enthusiasts for eight years giving them the practical expereince of working with large groups of Border Collie Sheepdogs in a dog breeding kennel and training environment, together with practicle experience of routine jobs common on a sheep farm.

  • Dog Training
  • Sheepdog Handling
  • Dog Breeding genetics and management
  • Dog Kennel management
  • Canine Behaviour

Meet some of our past students and see what they are doing now.

Agnes Pinter

Laura Cunningham




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