Janet has been working with horses and dogs since the age of five when she trained her first dog, a black Labrador, used for retrieving fallen birds at her father's duck & pigeon shoots, she competed at National junior level in Three Phase Eventing and competed in dressage and showed Hunters in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).

Janet trained and competed with German Shepherd dogs and Rottweilers in Obedience and Working Trials for several years in South Africa. During this period she was the first civilian to train 'Explosive Detection' dogs successfully in South Africa under the guidance of the South African Police Dog Section in Durban and Johannesburg whilst working as Chief Canine Training Officer for a large security firm.

These experiences have been moulded together with her many years of experience of breaking and schooling horses, culminating in the development of a natural method of communication between Janet and her dogs, she is now ready to share her method with other sheepdog enthusiasts world wide.

'I think I am an average person, though I struggle to communicate with humans, my animals understand me better than I understand myself.' (Janet P Beale)

Janet P Beale was the first instructor who specializes in introducing Handlers, both beginners and experienced, to training their dogs naturally by encouraging the understanding and use of Canine and Ovine Communication to Prevemt Problems occurring whilst training their dogs.

She endeavours to train her sheepdog's by reading the body language exuded by the dogs and by promoting the dogs natural herding ability to allow a pain free and easily understood media under which the dog is guided into teaching itself the correct way of working.

'I have always been a very loud and impatient person. My handling can still sometimes prove this point but the process of working on NCC developement has shown me the importance of being patient, quiet and calm, it is good stress therapy for even the calmest of humans.'(Janet P Beale)

This is a method similar to that used by Monty Roberts “The Horse Whisperer“.

"Natural Canine Communication."

Natural Canine Communication or NCC is an easy, stress and pain free way for both dog and handler to train a sheepdog!

"Dogs, given the chance, can and will teach their handlers how to understand them!"

This exciting, stimulating but actually extremely calming method of Sheepdog Training allows the dog freedom to learn its craft in a natural, stress and panic free way.

This method is essential for the beginner handler as it ensures a quick understanding of the complex and almost invisible communication between the dog and the sheep (the smart animals), who actually know more about this form of communication than humans (the stupid animals), will ever learn in ten lifetimes.

Janet also specializes in the rehabilitation of Dogs with Problems.