Clinics, Seminars and Individual Training

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A Border Collie is just that -a breed of dog - It does not become a SHEEPDOG until it is trained to work stock proficiently.

Ever wondered how to get your dog to behave like you see on TV's "one man and his dog"?


A Sheepdog when trained to any standard may or may not work in a proficient way for its new handler, there can never be any guarantees on compatibility due to the diversity of human and canine temperaments.

If there is a problem with a dog, regardless of breed , it will almost certainly be caused by the humans in everyday contact with the dog.



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"Starting the Young Sheepdog" Clinic

This is specifically designed for any standard of handler from complete beginner to the experienced sheepdog trainer.

This course offers an insight into the complete basics of sheepdog training and handling.

  • For Untrained or just started dogs
  • For sheepdogs with bad habits
  • Any standard of handler from Complete beginner to experienced sheepdog trainer and trialist.
    • If you are a beginner you wiill fit right in as everyone will be handling an untrained dog.
    • If you are experienced we promise you will leave with new ideas towards a quicker and very kind way of starting your dog.
  • Theory and role playing to ensure sheep safetly
  • Practical hands on working the sheep with your own dog
  • Working with a dog who already know's the job (schoolmaster) One of our dogs

By the end of the two day Clinic

We guarantee (or your money back) that you will be able to do the ALL of the following with your own dog or if your own dog needs more time to achieve these basic moves. (for example: due to young age, a major bad habit) at the very least you will be able to do the above tasks whilst handling one of our own sheepdogs.

  • stop or lie down the dog
  • call off or be able to catch the dog around stock
  • get the dog to go left and right around the sheep
  • get the dog to hold the sheep on the fence
  • get the dog to take the sheep off the fence
  • To bring the sheep wherever you go

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"Natural Canine Communication" Seminar

Janet has spent 25 years studying the Border Collie in large groups (packs) and has trained 100's of border collies to work sheep, many of these dogs had behavioural problems and/or bad habits whilst working with stock.


Learn how to read your dogs language and avoid problems within the household and training environments.

  • Social Structure amongst dogs
  • Respect issues amongst dogs and humans
  • Excessive nervousness or aggression
  • Basic disobedience issues with your dog

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"Working Sheepdog vs Sheepdog Trials Dog" Workshop

The dedicated and successful shepherd who has a good understanding of the behaviour of sheep will know that moving sheep is far easier and with less stress on themselves and his sheep when working as a TEAM with a well trained sheepdog.


The stress caused to the sheep flock belonging to a Farmer who makes little attempt to understand the psychology and needs of his charges, and moves his sheep by CHASING them with an ATV Quad bike/ vehicle or extra untrained people will cause STRESSED and confused sheep. 


Sheep, belonging to the man who understands the way they think and works with a well trained Sheepdog, will be happier, quieter, easier to handle and thereby produce more meat, wool and lambs. = MONEY- MONEY -MONEY.


The man that walks amongst his flock together with a well trained Sheepdog, will know his sheep as individuals, he will also spot a sick, lame or lazy ewe quicker with a well trained sheepdog quietly gathering and moving the sheep than when tearing around on a noisy ATV.


SEE the DIFFERENCE of the effects on the SAME SHEEP from the use of different dogs and handlers (their temperaments - their training level - their handlers ability and knowledge)

The sheep and dogs already know; but do you ?

See for yourselves where you can SAVE on stress and earn more PROFIT from your sheep.

A sheepdog is the most important tool for the sheep farmer!

  • He does not get drunk!
  • He does not take time off!
  • He does not require expensive fuel or tyres.

  • He does not polute the environment.

  • He works only for food, water and a clean, dry, warm kennel and a pat on the head or a quiet aknowledgement from the handler.

Furthermore he is the best friend and companion in an often very lonely job.


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"Extending your sheepdogs' Abilty" Clinic

You have attended the:

  • Starting your Young Sheepdog Clinic
  • Natural Canine Communication Clinic
  • Done ALL your homework
  • Attended the Working Sheepdog vs Sheepdog Trials Dog Workshop
  • Get hands on help to extend the capabilities of your sheepdog on the Farm, Hill or Trials Field.




Working in the handling pens

Catching sheep

Turn Backs


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Individual Tuition

Janet is available on a limited basis to help with owners with problem dogs.

  • Chasing sheep (any breed)
  • Biting Sheep (dogs already started working sheep)
  • Not stopping
  • any other livestock/dog related problem

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