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Chance, Tricolour smooth coated border collie

DANDY as a companion/pet

DANDY is very good natured, wanting to please, he is great company.

He is used to living indoors in a crate in the hall.

He is responding well to a bit of treat, clicker training.


DANDY as a working dog

Dandy is a character hence the name, but he is serious too, about sheep.

He appears to have very good pace and balance.

He is not afraid to go into the corners to get her sheep.

I believe that he will become very stylish and will have the power to move stock.

He has started formal training.


He should make a good flock dog or even a trials dog in the right hands, we are selling him now as we are moving home and have to cut down on the number of dogs.


A super family companion dog to boot.



Click here for DANDY's PEDIGREE


Click here iif you are unable to see the photo slide show above.


Series of video's showing DANDY being trained there are three video's which will play one after the other

Click here iif you are unable to see the video shown above.



Dogs Details

Dogs Health

If you want any Health tests done before purchase you are welcome to ask us to do this. But you will be expected to pay the additonal costs whether you purchase or not, as this dog will be easily homed here in the UK without further testing as it is not yet common practice to test for anything other than CEA.

Once he reaches breeding age (2 years) and has shown his full potential as a working sheepdog and is still with us, we will be doing all the above tests. But of course you should be prepared to pay extra once these have been done.


Approx. cost of tests

Hip Score = £200.00

DNA testing for CEA, CL, IGS and TNS

is approx £250.00

Opthalmic Eye testing is £45.00 plus transport costs.

Goinioscopy is £45.00

Total additional Health testing costs will be approx. £600.00

If you only want one or some tests done please ask us the individual costings.