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Astra Belle, Black and white smooth coated border collie female

BELLE as a companion/pet

BELLE is good natured, wanting to please, she is good with people, but has no time for other dogs, she is not agressive she would prefer to be left alone..

She lives in the house in an air kennel, she does not like kennel life, but may adjust to a kennel if getting hours of sheepwork daily.

She travels very well, just learning to ride on the quad, this needs more work.

iBelle, wants to be doing something all the time or at the least lying under the desk with me.

BELLE as a working dog

A stylish dog, with good pace and feel for her sheep. She has been relatively easy to train on sheep, she has a tiny grip when starting and prefered to flank

rather than drive, she now has plenty of confidence to drive sheep away, she is just starting to learn to shed and increase the distance of outruns.

She is almost 98% correct on direction commands, is good to stop and recall.

She will work with a bike, not afraid of it, but is still to learn to ride on it.

She is a working machine, never happier than when she has sheep or ducks in front of her.

She is just 15 months old.


She will suit the majority of handlers but only if they either have loads of work or prepared to make jobs and exciting thnigs happen.

Belle should make an excellent hill dog or even a trials dog in the right hands.

A dog to enjoy working with and one to watch as I belive she will go far.



Belle's mother is by Brock who is a litter brother to James McGee's World Champion BECCA.

Her father is by Aled Owen's World Champion BOB.

She goes back to my outstanding hill and trials bitch Eryri Nan who was second in the Deerplay Hill Double Gather Championships.


I love working this very responsive pliable girl but unfortunately I simply do not have the real flock work to offer Belle, which is what she will thrive on and the only way she will reach her full potential.

I also have three other sisters to Belle (one two years older Astra Becky) and two siblings (Astra Peta and Astra Maid)



Click here for Astra Belle's PEDIGREE she was born on the 12th July 2015 the pedigree was written for the previous litter same way bred.


Here is the Photo Album of Belle from a new born puppy.



Playlist of 9 plus video's showing BELLE being trained

Click here iif you are unable to see the video shown above.


We have other video's which; unfortunately, due to our very slow internet connection, take too long to upload but it you are interested you may call us using SKYPE = "Astrasheepdogs" and we can share our computer screen with you and you will be able to view all the videos FREE of CHARGE as is free to call.


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