From Z to A with Sheepdogs.

the Alphabet backwards? Why not? "Going backwards to go forward, a good idea; as, if the basics are not correct then the finnished product will beseverely lacking."

A title for the book? One day maybe!, its true though as "ZA" are the letters used for South Africa, the origin being Suid Afrik, the Afrikaans word for South Africa. Now we live in County Angus, Scotland.

So at the moment the title could be made to fit.



Of course it really all started in Zimbabwe (formerly RHODESIA) where I was born and raised on a farm with 1000 head of Pedigree Brahman cattle and 30 thoroughbred racehorse mares and one Stallion called "Centre Court" winner of the top race in the country.

Who started it all and eventually unwittingly made it all possible (apart from my parents of course)?

Uncle Tom, who never married, but insisted that my sisters and I were given a horse each (I was around 5 years old), of course I outgrew this horse and had to sell her to purchase another, this started a lifelong practice of buying and selling. In late 70's, Uncle Tom then he left us, in his will, "a horse and five cattle, each".

I immediately sold my share to pay for my college course, Stud and Stable Husbandry, at the Witney Tech in Oxfordshire, UK. leaving home for shores far afield. It was on this course that I met and got to know my very first Border Collie. He belonged to one of my course tutors and was a college everyday.

It was to be many years before I was able to find and purchase my very first Border Collie in 1987, that was the day my whole life changed.


South Africa

But it really started in South Africa when I purchased my first Border Collie, BUZZ.


Back to Zim


Contract shepherding, honing my handling skills doing real work with the dogs.


Angus, Scotland
Fate and luck landed me - in a hurry, against my will - in Angus, the birthplace of Scotland and gave me the opportunity of farming for myself instead of as an employee.


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Life in Zimbabwe comming soon
Life in England comming soon