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Working Border Collies,


A Strain of Border Collie with:

  • the instinct to be outstanding at herding sheep, cattle or other farm stock,
  • the suppleness and speed to become a hill sheepdog or excel at Dog Agility, Disc or Frisbee Dog,
  • the character and audacity to think for itself on the hill whilst working sheep and cattle or just for the freestyle of Heelwork to Music,
  • that as a sheepdog; has the temperament and courage to tackle the most stubborn herding task or for Working Trials or Search and Rescue work,
  • the willingness, gentleness and the important "Off switch" to become a companion or pet dog (provided they are given the right stimulation and handling)


"Astra Sheepdogs" provides - A Complete all round Dog - which has the scope to perform at any dog performance sport you aspire your border collie to do.

Astra Bute, daughter of Eryri Nan.

We have put together information throughout the site about research into the Border Collie, as it is our aim to ensure that preventable health and temperament issues do not become established in our bloodlines.


There is a great deal to read here.

Please take your time, visit often, and enjoy.

It is my goal to consistantly breed dogs capable of working in conditions like you see in this video


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"Astra" Sheepdog  Training Centre


We school and rehabilitate Border Collies and sometimes a few other herding breeds (Australian Kelpie, Bearded Collie, Australian Shepherd etc.) to work Sheep, Cattle, Ducks and any other livestock that flock together.


Harmony achieved through Natural Canine Communication - NCC

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Our emphasis is on methods based on the sheepdogs own natural language and his need to retain acceptance and harmony within a social environment.


How the dog percieves the world and those arround him can be very contradictory to the human's spontanious way of communication. 


Over the years; we have learnt that to achieve success using our kind and understanding methods, it requires that the handler makes some major adjustments to the way they view things around them and their ability to adapt to tricky situations. 


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Total understanding of our methods may well change the way you view your life as it is centred around your own feelings and attitude..

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We also hold and organise Sheepdog Handler and Sheepdog training clinics, offering Sheepdog Training and handling holidays not only for you and your dog, but for anybody who loves Border Collies and wants to find out first hand about sheepdogs, their work and character with a taster session of working with a trained sheepdog.


Help with dog rehabilitation for the working dog especially with the Border Collie breed.

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We have a regular supply of home bred and trained working sheepdogs for sale.

from border collies showing on sheep to, part trained and fully trained sheepdogs.

There is a sheepdog to suit everyone - give us a call.


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"Astra" Border Collie Puppies


The Border Collie is just that, a breed.

They are NOT sheepdogs until they have been trained to WORK sheep or other livestock.


Our Border Collie puppies have been bred for many generations specifically for their supreme intelligence, trainability and outstanding excellence in all the canine disciplines including Sheep, cattle and duck Herding, Dog Agility, Flyball, Disc or Frisbee Dog, Hill Walking companion, active pet and many other canine performance sports.


Maintaining and improving the Health of the Border Collie is very important to us.

  • We have initiated an intensive DNA and hip scoring regime.
  • We offer FREE quality help for your "Astra" Border Collie puppy throughout it's life by email and telephone.
  • A lifetime guarantee on proven hereditary and testable diseases common to the Border Collie, such as CEA, Hip Dysplasia, PRA. Learn more...
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Not only do we breed for health, working ability and temperament.

We also breed the classic; Black and white and Tricolour Border Collies as well as the unusual colours including;

  • Blue Merle
  • Red Merle
  • Slate blue (dilute black)
  • Lilac (dilute red) 

Our Border Collies all have the instinct to herd stock, and by work they train themselves; requiring just a little help and direction from their handlers. .Learn more...



















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Fantastic Puppies for Performance dog sports









These are some of the web sites we recommend you to visit BEFORE purchasing a Border Collie or Sheepdog.

  • International Sheepdog Society (ISDS)

  • Optigen


  • CODE OF PRACTICE for the WELFARE of Dogs

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