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CANDY as a companion/pet

Candy is crate trained and spent the first 6 months in the house, She s a happy girl very much Beardie in her attitude to life.

Carefree and a bit of a clown.


BROCK as a working dog

Candy is shaping well as a sheepdog, she is just 7 months old, and has good balance and pace, she is stuggling to learn to keep out ( a beardie trait ? )

She is also surprisingly developing a bit of style, occasionally dropping her head. She carries her tail low and well.

She is not scared of the sheep, and happy to go between the fence and the sheep and make her own gaps.


We bred Candy out of a part Border Collie x Bearded Collie, her mother Fluffy (how original) is not as stylish as Candy but moves sheep well, Fluffy has been DNA tested Normal for CEA, IGS, TNS, SN and MDRI

Candy's father SPOT is a red and white beardie who works cattle, sheep and pigs near Guisburn in Lancashire. Spot is DNA normal for CEA,

Making Candy normal by parentage


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