Our Terms and Conditions.

When things don't go to plan.

Please remember that sheepdogs are animals, they need constant training and supervision, just like children.

They react differently to every person who handles them, and to each different type of sheep or field until they become familiar.

They do best under routine conditions, and will form bad habits in as little as three exposures to that habit, this trait also makes them easy to train. But you have to remember that like all animals (humans most definitely included) the dog is only interested in self reward, so if you give him an inch he/she will take advantage and if the inch gave him the opportuntity to revert to his natural base intinct of "hunting" and he managed to split off a sheep and bite and have loads of higly stimulated fun, he will continue to seek this fullfillment until you gain complete control and respect.

After-all the instict to herd sheep is a modified HUNTING and KILLING instinct.


Fully Trained Dogs will STILL try to test you to find your weakness as a handler.

she had come to me FIRST, simply because I know the dog, and I always set up training to prevent problems and would have worked with her to show her how to get the dog to do what she says. Please tell her to come and see me. I will asses the dog and the things he has learnt, I will work with her on the sheep, with Lad or with another dog if needs be, and if she still feels she cannot work with him after working with me, then I will still have to assess the dog. If the dog has been allowed to do what Lad has now done, he never gripped with me, now unfortunately it seems he cannot be trusted and he has probably learnt bad habits which are not easy to break so he is probably not worth what she paid for him. It is clearly stated on my website http://www.sheepdogsforsale.com/sheepdogsforsale.php and on auction sales that no guarantee can be given on how the dog will work for the next person. My policy, for the last 20 years, on selling a dog, even at an Auction, has always been, after the free lessons have been used, I will continue to help train the handler, at reduced rates, to work with the dog, I will, if needs be take the dog in for more training at reasonable cost, if they do not do their homework and provided the handler makes the effort to work with me and learn I will help them, but I will not waste my time even if they are paying me for training if we do not get results. If, after the person has tried, putting in the homework, and it is not working out, it is then agreed that the dog is not suitable, I will exchange the dog for one which is more suitable with any price adjustments either way. If all else fails I will take the dog back for re-sale, but if the dog needs re-training in order to get them back to the same standard when sold, this will come out of any money the dog is sold for, as will the time and commissions, I cannot guarantee when the dog will be re-sold or for what value. It is possible to set some paramaters on this after i have had the dog back for one week's assessment. I have one other possible solution, I will do a part swop (she may have to pay a bit more, depending on the bad habits Lad now has) for a bitch I have here, but she will have to wait for the dog as it has recently been mated, i will discuss this with her when she visits me. If none of the above is acceptable then she will have to sell the dog herself or keep him as a pet/agility dog, for which he is suitable and which is one of the main reasons she applied to me in the first place. There is nothing more I can do until she contacts me to make an appointment to visit.

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