Breeding dogs is often a frustrating business; there are never any guarantee's that you will even get puppies let alone great one's.

The girls never come into season when you want them to, this year it is very evident that they all want to do things together and have come into season in groups, therefore so many litters at one time.


However; for day to day management, it actually is easier, as we can justify the employment of a full time puppy carer and kidnap more children to play with the pups.


We have recently spent a great deal of time and effort on new puppy kennels with their own TV,s and different surfaces, and the landscaping of the outside puppy runs for more life enrichment and learning opportunities for the puppies.


Our New puppy areas are almost finished see the photo's, but sill a few weeks work and equipment to get before they are finally finished.


Before you go any further PLEASE ensure you have read the following pages


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Stud Dog's page All about our border collie boys
Current litter's page Border Collie PUPPIES FOR SALE
Planed Litter's page Planed breedings for future litters
Our Breeding Policies' page Our aims, goals and guarantees
Astra Sheepdog Training Centre's page Training sheepdogs to work sheep and SHEEPDOGS FOR SALE

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